Hi there ^_^

Like almost everyone my mind is a chaos ☆_☆and my life too!!

I have to change my life again!!EVERYTHING…A new beginning :p

I need to find the right university, cause the one I’m doing, even if I have good notes…I don’t like it! My dream is to travel all my life and being an engeneer won’t let me love as I would like to!!Then I’m going to change my courses BUT I don’t really know which could be the right way…maybe ECONOMY??I really don’t know…or maybe the right thing would be the accademy of painting ^_^

Somehing about love???

I’m crazy!! I’m single for choice!!I’m so so so deep in love with a guy that I can’t no think about him…I can’t imagine my life with no one else!But I lived so far away from me…and I’ve even started thinking he hates me right now…in the past I was deeply sure he was in love with me..but..idk!!!

I had some health problems but I’ve solved all them!!!I’m a strong ROCK!!!nothing can kill me!!

I want to start to go in gym…but as ever I think I will go one day and then…never again ^_^ I’m a bit a lazy girl!!

I love to work and I’m SUPER ACTIVE, like a tornado…but don’t ask me to go run or go in gym cause I’m not the type of person obsessed by abdominals or for body!thanks God I don’t need to go in gym!

I don’t use make up cause in a disaster with those things!!girls in the video on YouTube make it easy…BUT IS NOT AT ALL!!!

This afternoon I’ve spent 1hour try to understand how to make my hair curly!!I’m the end I have up and I’ve done them straight!!

I love to draw and paint, maybe next time I’ll post some pics of my drawing and paintings!

I’m in love with LOVE!!!

bye bye girls ❤



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